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  • Campus Ambassador Program | Mango Architecture

    ABOUT THE PROGRAM ​ Mango Architecture’s Student Ambassador Program is a campus connect program that aims to form a community of like-minded students across the world. The program facilitates and nurtures the skills to contribute to your career growth through this highly selective program. We want to empower, strengthen, and groom select students to be the face, voice, and brand evangelists of Mango Architecture in their colleges. Through this program, students will gain valuable work experience that will make them stand out. ​ Main tasks for Campus Ambassador Program ​ Social Media Marketing - Campus Ambassador has to circulate the e-posters through email, mailing-list, Whatsapp, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. They should be up to date about all the programs and events organized by Mango Architecture. Utilize social media to spread awareness among students. In college promotion - College promotion includes displaying all the posters/banners and other information on the notice boards to promote Mango Architecture. Depending on the expertise and background of the ambassadors, they will be divided into different functions namely as volunteer, photographer, graphic designer, content writer, etc. ​ Advantages of being a Campus Ambassador ​ Learn new skills (like communication and public speaking) that help you grow - professionally and personally. With this program, you will get a chance where you can meet new people in your campus community and from around the nation. Campus Ambassador becomes the face of the college. Enhance your resume with the program certificate. Less time taking- just has to work 5-10 hours a week for at least one academic year. ​ Eligibility ​ Should be a full-time undergraduate/postgraduate student in a college/university. Should be a self-motivated and responsible individual with excellent organizational, managerial, and communication skills. Should have a desire to bring positive social change. A GPA of 3.0 or higher ​ Terms and Conditions ​ This position is tenured, part-time, voluntary, and unpaid. Able to commit to work for 1 academic year. We have, and prefer, for students to continue in the program until graduation. Maximum 4-5 Campus Ambassadors can be selected from a particular college/university for the above-given titles. A certificate of appreciation will be awarded on successful completion of tenure as well as the duties assigned. If we found that you are not performing our given tasks, we will remove you and your profile from our website after one reminder. ​ How to apply ​ If you think you are a match, apply now! The apply button is given below. ​ ​ Benefits of being a Campus Ambassador ​ Imagine telling your future employers about this highly selective program (with the world’s top learning company) where you had the opportunity to get: ​ Exciting Rewards Get amazing discounts on workshops, design competitions organized by Mango Architecture, and top-of-line merchandise and goodies during the tenure. ​ Campus Marketing Experience ​ Deploy marketing campaigns and assist in planning, execution, and coordination. Not just that, if we found your marketing skills up to the mark we will offer you commissions based on registrations. Recognition & Recommendation ​ Special certificates on successful completion of an Academic year, Letter of endorsement, and recognition on our website and all social media. ​ Job & Internship Opportunity ​ If we find your work extraordinary during the tenure, get a chance to work with us straight out of college, and attend various workshops. Be a part of the exclusive Mango Architecture Team. ​ Frequently asked questions ​ 1. What is Mango Architecture's Student Ambassador Program about? ​ Mango Architecture's Student Ambassador Program is a campus connect program that aims to activate a network of like-minded students across the world. After successful completion of the program, the select Ambassadors will be rewarded with an opportunity to work with Mango Architecture. 2. Who can apply? ​ Anyone who meets the below criteria: • Minimum 18 years of age • Strong written and verbal communication skills in English or your native language. • Full-time Graduate and postgraduate students, currently pursuing their degree from any recognized college/university around the world. 3. How do I apply? What happens after I apply? ​ You can apply directly through our website using the apply button on this page. Once you apply, you will hear from us if you are selected. 4. Can students from any university apply? ​ Yes, students from all universities around the world are welcome to apply. 5. How long is the Student Ambassador Program? What is the time commitment? ​ We prefer students to continue in the program until Graduation/Post Graduation. Ambassadors are expected to commit a minimum of 300 hours throughout the course of the program in one academic year. 6. What are the responsibilities of a student ambassador? ​ As a Student Ambassador for Mango Architecture, you are required to do the following: • Ideate on and execute innovative campaign plans • Work on live marketing projects for the brand • Strategise and drive Word of Mouth in campus events and activities 7. Will Mango Architecture supports the ambassadors in the campaigns and activities they execute? ​ Yes, Mango Architecture will provide adequate resources and guidance for the successful execution of planned marketing activities. 8. Are there any incentives for being a student ambassador? ​ Yes, this is your opportunity to develop strategic, communication, leadership skills, and get rewarded for it. Apart from learning that will benefit your career, you will also get incentives like amazing discounts on our ongoing events, workshops, and design competitions. Also, get our branded merchandise and goodies during the tenure. Select Ambassadors also stand a chance to intern at Mango Architecture’s connected offices globally. 9. Who can I contact if I have any questions regarding the Student Ambassador Program? ​ You can contact us at . Please mention your inquiry in the subject line at the time of mailing. ​

  • Results-Architectural Thesis Award 2021 | Mango Architecture

    TOP 10 SELECT MENTIONS BTOP JOSE LACRUZ VELA ATA2020112 (SPAIN) SELECT MENTION Vaari: A City Cultural Centre - Reinterpreting the concept of Pilgrimage through Architecture ​ MANISHH DAS ATA2021378 (INDIA) JOSE LACRUZ VELA ATA2020112 (SPAIN) SELECT MENTION Blurring the line between Port and Fort ​ NISHA SARAF ATA2021375 (INDIA) JOSE LACRUZ VELA ATA2020112 (SPAIN) SELECT MENTION Habitat design for tannery workers in Kanpur, Uttar-Pradesh. ​ ABHISHEK DONDA ATA2021267 (INDIA) JOSE LACRUZ VELA ATA2020112 (SPAIN) SELECT MENTION Reinforcing Centralities: The Case of the Intermunicipal Multimodal Terminal in the Gradim (Te.MIGRA) ​ LILIAN SILVA COSTA ATA2021250 (BRAZIL) SELECT MENTION Bring Local Fishing Back To Life: Koh Lanta fishery learning spaces, Thailand ​ PATCHARAPORN DUANGPUTTAN ATA2021241 (JAPAN) JOSE LACRUZ VELA ATA2020112 (SPAIN) A Prison For The Community ​ MARIEM BEN SALAH ATA2021234 (TUNISIA) SELECT MENTION JOSE LACRUZ VELA ATA2020112 (SPAIN) SELECT MENTION Water Infrastructure ​ JUAN PABLO ZULETA A ATA2021125 (COLOMBIA) JOSE LACRUZ VELA ATA2020112 (SPAIN) SELECT MENTION A Celebration Of Trade & Tradition ​ UMME TAHMINA HAQUE ATA2021112 (UNITED STATES) JOSE LACRUZ VELA ATA2020112 (SPAIN) SELECT MENTION NASCENCE: PREPEND HUMANITY (Trauma recovery rammed earth center for victims/souls) ​ PRIYANKA CHAKRABORTY ATA2021072 (INDIA) JOSE LACRUZ VELA ATA2020112 (SPAIN) SELECT MENTION A Landscape for Conversation ​ E SEAN SAW ATA2021431 (MALAYSIA) Back to Top

  • Results-Architectural Thesis Award 2023 | Mango Architecture

    BTOP FOREWORD This competition was launched to promote, recognize, and give a global platform to showcase the talents of Architects, and the design community. We have received more than 400 registrations from around the globe. ​ If you wanted to know more about the competition, please click on the button below to download the complete brief of the "Architectural Thesis Award-2023". EXTENDED BRIEF 1ST PRIZE 2ND PRIZE 3RD PRIZE 30 HONOURABLE 20 SPECIAL RESULTS 10 SELECT 1ST FIRST PRIZE WINNER SOxCO: Integrating Solar in a Community on the Foundation of ex-Military areas TANVEE THAPA ATA2023235 (ITALY) 2ND SECOND PRIZE WINNER Theyyam cultural hub: Theyyam art village and learning canter for Theyyam art form ​ ANJAY BABU V V ATA2023037 (INDIA) 3RD THIRD PRIZE WINNER Landscape Regeneration, Production, Tourism ​ DIMITRIOS MITSIMPONAS ATA2023124 (GREECE) Back to Top

  • Results-Facade Design Competition | Mango Architecture

    DETAILED BRIEF MEET THE JURY ABOUT THE COMPETITION You can download the Detailed Brief of the competition by clicking on the tab below. ​ PROCESS register Download the given brief and complete the process DESIGN Start with designing as per the given brief submit Submit your designs on jury Our eminent jury members will evaluate your submissions award Winners will be announced with their achievements RESULTS ANNOUNCED TOP 3 WINNERS HONOURABLE MENTIONS SPECIAL MENTIONS SELECTIVE MENTIONS BEST IDEA MENTIONS INTERVIEWS Ishita Sharma Architect / Urban Planner Italy Abdullah Jreij Architect / Urban Planner Lebanon Youmna Fouly Architect / Urban Planner Egypt

  • Results-Architectural Illustration Competition | Mango Architecture

    BTOP TOP 10 HONOURABLE MENTIONS ​ ​ Camila Concepción Morilla (República Dominicana) HONOURABLE MENTION HONOURABLE MENTION "A forced-choice post August blast, Lebanon" ​ ​ Iranian Nights ​ Akshaya Purushothaman HONOURABLE MENTION HONOURABLE MENTION 'Architecture For All' ​ Amna Shahzad HONOURABLE MENTION The Escape Window: A leap from chaos to peace. ​ Avantika Vinayak HONOURABLE MENTION 'Architecture For All' ​ Sharmen Mehta HONOURABLE MENTION Queen's chamber/ Zenana mahal, City palace, Udaipur ​ Sajal & Disha kukreja BETWEEN PARASITES AND THE CITY ​ Vipul Oswal & Darshan Sanghvi HONOURABLE MENTION HONOURABLE MENTION New Age Rapunzel, waiting for the pandemic to end. ​ ​ HONOURABLE MENTION YOU AND ME ​ Suparna Mandal Back to Top

  • Results-Glamping | Mango Architecture


  • About Us | Mango Architecture

    ABOUT US ​ Welcome to the Mango Architecture! ​ Mango architecture is an organization which a born to support the unique designs and thinking of young architects and designers. Our initiative is to support young architects and connect them with experienced students and mentors. ​ To attract and empower budding, aspiring designers and students from all over the world, we host a variety of open design and concept competitions. Each design is encouraged for its uniqueness as well as the inimitable, imaginative mind behind it. We want to highlight the designer's basic values as well as the painstaking process that turns an idea into a revolutionary reality. OUR CAMPUS AMBASSADORS Hemdeep Singh Dhiman MBS School of Planning & Architecture. (New Delhi) Rutuja Ghadage Vidya Pratishthan's School of Architecture (Pune) Muskan Batra Vidya Pratishthan's School of Architecture (Pune) Mehak Vaish Faculty of Architecture & Planning (Lucknow) Greeshma Suresh K S School of Architecture (Bangalore) Pornima Buddhivant Dr Bhanuben Nanavati College of Architecture for Women (Pune) Chetasi Kothiwala Vidyamandir College of Architecture for Women (Surat) Yagvinder Mamoria School of Planning & Architecture (New Delhi) "You" Wanted to be a part of our growing community? (Click Here) Apply Now

  • The Jury | Mango Architecture

    EXPERT JURY PANEL The members of the expert jury panel are eminent industry professionals selected by Mango Architecture to evaluate the competition entries. They belong to diverse backgrounds and represent different design perspectives and skillsets. M.L. Varudh Varavarn Cheng Tsung FENG Frven Lim Revano Satria Mariana Cabugueira Lukas Rungger Neelam Manjunath Justyna Kowalik Yatin Pandya Alina Gubar Sergii Gubar Daniela Atencio Eli Ambris Andreano Guillem Carrera Rey Farshad Mehdizadeh Ar. Sanjay Patil Mahesh Bangad Ar. Rafiq Azam Krishna Rao Jaisim Jayantha Perera Dr. Johannes Widodo James Law JP Dean D'Cruz K Sudhir Alice Buoli Antonio Blanco Pastor Eko Prawoto Dr. Stephen Appiah Takyi Mohammad Pirdavari Milad Pirdavari Abdallah Jreij Ishita Sharma Youmna Fouly Thein Manimekalai Sowrirajan Nethra Ganesan Gideon Abagna Azunre

  • Results-Architectural Thesis Award 2022 | Mango Architecture

    BTOP TOP 30 HONOURABLE MENTIONS HOME: HUMANISING THE OFFICE SPACES USING MODULAR ENVIRONMENT ​ MANSI KOTHARI ATA2022043 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION The Urban Retreat- A comprehensive refuge for varied psychographs ​ RUCHIRA RATHOD ATA2022044 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION Tay Ninh Children's Cultural Center ​ Nguyễn Nhựt Tân ATA2022057 (VIETNAM) HONOURABLE MENTION HONOURABLE MENTION Pursuing boundaries, the narrative of what remains ​ SHREYANSH SURANA ATA2022062 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION PHU QUY ISLAND COMMUNITY LIVING CENTER “the traces of stone” ​ NGO QUY ATA2022066 (VIETNAM) Healing Space : A Place beyond Stigma ​ RADHIKA SONI ATA2022072 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION HONOURABLE MENTION La Megalópolis de Nadie (CDMX of No One). A Research and a Proposal for the occupation of Public Space in Mexico City. ​ FILIPPO VAJRA-GIOVANNI RATTO ATA2022077 (ITALY) Eco-Resort ​ RIYA MEHTA ATA2022123 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION Embankment Settlement : An approach to a strategic community settlement ​ SHARMIN AFROOZ ATA2022124 (BANGLADESH) HONOURABLE MENTION Research on Renewal Design of Balinese Traditional Villages in Indonesia -The Case of Tenganan Village ​ DHARMA WIJAYA ATA2022142 (INDONESIA) HONOURABLE MENTION Within, around and beyond - an experiment with the apartment typology ANUJA JAIN ATA2022153 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION Rebirth of Mapusa Municipal Market ​ VINAYAK GORE ATA2022162 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION The Waste RE-factory - Decentralising waste mechanism of Mumbai city ​ PRANAV CHAUBAL ATA2022163 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION The Art Center: Connect And Re- Connect ​ AANCHAL BHATTAD ATA2022175 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION The Bru-Reang Accord - Rehabilitation of the Internally Displaced Tribe in Tripura ​ SIDDHARTH BAGGA ATA2022182 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION HONOURABLE MENTION Dhamma Vat - Vipassana Centre ​ RAJVI RAJESH SHAH ATA2022193 (INDIA) Kilim Revival Center ​ NADA WALID ATA2022196 (EGYPT) HONOURABLE MENTION Critical Regionalism ​ ERIC CANTAR ATA2022203 (UNITED STATES) HONOURABLE MENTION Re-incarnation of Ruins ​ JAHANVI THAPAR ATA2022205 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION Architecture with Uncertainty & Certainty ​ JACOB BABU ALAPPATT ATA2022213 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION Colonies of the Anthropocene ​ Devayani M ATA2022236 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION HONOURABLE MENTION PROJECT AZUL ​ LINDA EL ZAHER ATA2022244 (GERMANY) Forming Ambiguity ​ JESSICA LONG ATA2022246 (NEW ZEALAND) HONOURABLE MENTION Between land and water: an amphibious wetland living model ​ ADHITHYA SHINDE ATA2022265 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION " Làng Rau Ngọc Lãng" - Center for community activities & experiential tourism ​ Nguyễn Huỳnh Duyên ATA2022266 (VIETNAM) HONOURABLE MENTION Telangana State Urban Centre of Excellence ​ ANANTHA PADMANABHAN V S ATA2022276 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION Partition Museum- Delhi ​ ADITI MEHTA ATA2022285 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION Hate, Space, Ghettos | The City Within The City ​ ANANDITA AYESHA ATA2022296 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION Capturing the Ephemeral (Digital Arts and Technology Park) ​ ROWAN ELSELMY ATA2022305 (EGYPT) HONOURABLE MENTION Space-tech Startup incubator ​ AISWARYA THANKACHAN ATA2022306 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION TOP 20 SPECIAL MENTIONS VIEW RESULTS Back to Top

  • Results-Disaster Relief Shelter | Mango Architecture


  • Disaster Relief Shelter | Mango Architecture

    Our country is vulnerable, in varying degrees, to a large number of disasters. Most of us will remember the year 2020 for the coronavirus pandemic. However, while the pandemic brought our human lives to a standstill, nature could not be reigned in. ​ Amidst the raging pandemic, India survived cyclones, floods, rains, biblical plagues, industrial disasters, locust attacks, and whatnot. ​ The challenge is to design a transportable, sustainable shelter that can support a sizable community and requires little maintenance. Making it ideal for deployment to any disaster-stricken area lacking basic facilities and it also helps restore personal space and a sense of dignity for the victims. ​ You can download the D etailed Brief of the Disaster Relief Shelter-Reinventing The Tents by clicking on the tab below. ABOUT THE COMPETITION DETAILED BRIEF PROCESS Download the given brief and complete the registration process Compose your sheets as per the given requirement Submit your files on our submission portal Our Expert Jury members will evaluate your submissions Winners will be announced with their achievements register compile submit jury award JURY OF EXCELLENCE VIEW RESULTS To know more about our expert jury panel member's, just click them AR. NEELAM MANJUNATH JURY OF EXCELLENCE - "Disaster Relief Shelter - Reinventing The Tents" AR. YATIN PANDYA JURY OF EXCELLENCE - "Disaster Relief Shelter-Reinventing The Tents" JUSTYNA KOWALIK JURY OF EXCELLENCE - "Disaster Relief Shelter-Reinventing The Tents" AR. MAHESH BANGAD JURY OF EXCELLENCE - "Disaster Relief Shelter-Reinventing The Tents" MEDIA PARTNERS The competition is published on our media partners websites Do we have to select one particular disaster and area of application or we are looking at a module that can fit in any affected area? We are looking for a module that can actually fit in any kind of disaster affected area as per the requirements given in the competition brief. Is the design project should be cosidered more like a temporary structure or permanent building? The project should be considered as a temporary structure, as it will be a module and can be transported to other disaster sites if required. What about the services and toilets in a temporary shelter? Being a temporary shelter that must be quickly built and functioning, chemical baths or recycling technology can be used. Should we need to design seperate "assistance area"(medical and psychological care areas)?" As you know that an emergency can affect a very large number of victims, so it would not be possible to have everyone housed in the assistance area. the victims will stay for short periods according to the needs of the single case and emergency. Is there any height limit for the project? There is no height limit as such. Only ground floor is required to avoid structural complications. How many team members are allowed to form a team? A team can consists of total three[3] members including the team leader. If you want to register individually, you are most welcome. What is the nature of the competition and is it open for all? All Competitions organized by mango architecture are open ideas design competitions with no intentions to execute the proposals submitted in any form. The competitions are open to students, teachers, designers, professionals, and the inspired design community. Are multiple entries allowed for submission? or can we submit multiple projects in one entry? Participants are free to submit multiple entries or projects, but each entry must be registered by a separate email ID. How does a team receive their unique registration code? All the participants will only receive the unique registration code after completing the registration process. The code will be mailed to your registered email address within 24 hours. If you didn't find the mail, we request you to please check your spam folder of the mailbox before mailing us for the same. Is hand-drawn sheets allowed in the competition? Yes, they are allowed, participants can scan and mail them to us at Just follow all the submissions guidelines carefully. Is the competition judged anonymously? All entries are reviewed anonymously by the competition jury. Upon registration each team receives a unique registration code, this code is the only mean by which submissions are identified. Can we change/swap team members after the registrations? Teams are welcome to add, remove, or swap team members as long as their total members do not exceed three. What should the participants do in case the payment modes are not available in our country? We request our participants to send us an e-mail at to get an alternate payment method link. We would send you all the possible payment methods for you to participate. We are already accepting payments from all the countries. Can I have a refund of the registration fee? No. As already mentioned in the terms and conditions, reimbursement is not possible under any circumstances. Are we allowed to submit the proposal anytime we want or is there any specific date and time or dealine for the submission? All the competitions organized by mango architecture have there specific submission deadline, date and time. But, once you registered and ready with your submission you can submit it on anytime you want. Our submission portal is open 24x7. You will receive a confirmation mail within 24 hours after your mail. If in case you didn't recieve any confirmation from us, please write back to us on Where we can post our submissions? Participants are requested to mail there compiled submission files at Didn't find your question? We're happy to answer them. E-Mail us at Is there any specific calendar year to register in ATA2023? No, there is no specific calendar year to register in ATA2023.

  • Results-Architectural Thesis Award 2021 | Mango Architecture

    BTOP TOP 30 HONOURABLE MENTIONS The Stranded Body ​ THEODORA LI ATA2021415 (UNITED KINGDOM) HONOURABLE MENTION National War and Military Museum, Delhi ​ YAGVINDER KUMAR MAMORIA ATA2021174 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION Reuse of an Abandoned Quarry in case of Kolar Gold Field ​ SHALINI POLRA ATA2021385 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION HONOURABLE MENTION Participatory Housing Approach for Conservation Induced Displacement ​ JAY KAPADIA ATA2021177 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION Analysis Of Flooding ​ LUCA NATALI ATA2021191 (ITALY) Adaptive reuse of Urban Ruins : Cooling Towers in Bathinda ​ ARPIT MALHOTRA ATA2021445 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION HONOURABLE MENTION Nature in Architecture: Research Institute for future cities ​ MEET DHANESHA ATA2021226 (INDIA) Hot Spring Village, Maharashtra ​ MEKHIKA G MOHAN ATA2021252 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION Residence & Urban Visibility ​ FABER GUTIERREZ ATA2021253 (COLOMBIA) HONOURABLE MENTION Artificial Intelligence x Architecture - 'Enabling Freedom & Dignity' ​ MOKSHIT DEDHIA ATA2021352 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION BONGOTAJ MEMORIAL MUSEUM COMPLEX ​ MOHD. SHAHADAT HOSSAIN ATA2021364 (BANGLADESH) HONOURABLE MENTION Termas In Bizja ​ AGNIESZKA SLOTA ATA2021366 (POLAND) HONOURABLE MENTION Rethinking Post-Offices ​ SANIDHYA SHAH ATA2021369 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION A Self Sustaining Architecture for Disaster Relief, Majuli ​ FATEMA KHURSHID ATA2021376 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION Inhabit the interlude: Intertwine the natural landscape and limit the built-up landscape ​ SHEILA LEIVA JARAMILLO ATA2021380 (ECUADOR) HONOURABLE MENTION HONOURABLE MENTION Life On Bridges ​ HARISH KANTH ATA2021107 (INDIA) Metabolizing Metabolism ​ FRANCESCA PRINI ATA2021406 (ITALY) HONOURABLE MENTION Weaving Back Community & Culture ​ RAMISA TASNIM ATA2021034 (BANGLADESH) HONOURABLE MENTION Urban Nature: Designing Places of Coexistence ​ BRYANA EVERT ATA2021433 (UNITED STATES) HONOURABLE MENTION Re-figuring the Religious Precinct of Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu ​ JENCY DAVID ATA2021434 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION Archaeology as a hub for Productive Landscape ​ FERNANDA REIS RIBEIRO ATA2021443 (PORTUGAL) HONOURABLE MENTION HONOURABLE MENTION AGORA ​ MAHA ABDELAZIZ ATA2021212 (EGYPT) Pop-Up Structures For Temporal Scenarios ​ JASWANTH N.S ATA2021455 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION Creative Park Appenmühle ​ ELISABETH ORTELT ATA2021459 (GERMANY) HONOURABLE MENTION Temple of One: Multi-Religious Kudi-Chin / Cultural Architecture ​ THEETHAJ PHOLAMPAISATHIT ATA2021462 (THAILAND) HONOURABLE MENTION Evoking The Sense Of Memory In Space ​ SOUNDARYA ARUMUGAM ATA2021464 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION KOODAM -A storytelling public realm to narrate the ode of culture and serendipity ​ HARIISH ANANTHAN ATA2021470 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION HONOURABLE MENTION SAROVAR STHAAN: Centre for Natural Sciences at Lonar Crater Lake ​ MIHIR DESAI ATA2021169 (INDIA) HONOURABLE MENTION Weaving The Heritage Of Tangail Tat ​ MAKSUDUL KARIM ATA2021309 (UNITED STATES) HONOURABLE MENTION Primitivus et Exoticus - Pey keyo - Ixi, A house for no place ​ IROA PINTO ATA2021483 (NETHERLAND) TOP 20 SPECIAL MENTIONS VIEW RESULTS Back to Top

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