This thesis topic talks about the design development of Devrai Art Village, located in Panchgani, Maharashtra where Rock Dhokra art – a unique invention born out of traditional dhokra art form is being currently developed and practiced within the artisans and craftsmen of Devrai.

This project focuses on developing a best possible design planning for this arts village for the craftsmen of Devrai, motivating them to create and practice unique and exceptional art forms like Devrai Rock Dhokra. This will also instigate the recognition of Devrai rock dhokra art form within the public realm as well as spread the knowledge and awareness of the art form across India.

The research involves an in-depth study of the tribal arts and craft forms and their artisans/craftsmen present in this area, their living environment and indigenous development and the future demands to conserve their skills and techniques by providing a platform to educate the young generation and even housing them for their better living standards.

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