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The project ‘Meitei Cultural Complex’ aims at generating awareness about the pollution and at the same time most importantly to uplift the community by bringing in activities that could generate employment that would help in the conservation of the wetland and uplift people livelihood. The building proposes a cultural center with facilities such as a training institute, community canteen and dining hall, tribal museum and exhibition hall, accommodation, shops, and fishing decks. The use of locally sourced self-sustaining materials such as Bamboo, Hempcrete, and Timber helps to make the building breathable.

Through this project, community-based tourism will increase, generating opportunities for employment in the service sector for both skilled and unskilled and improves the living standard of the people living in and around Thanga at Loktak Lake. This type of community participation will prevent further degradation of the lake which would have a direct impact on the availability and abundance of various bioresources


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